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If you want to make your product talk-of-the-town, remove the dummies from its pictures. And then, give the image of your product an astonishing view with the 2D or 3D effect.

The Ghost Mannequin Services is an image editing service that offers 3D effects and a dummy from your product.

Through the 3D effect, the editors showcase your products to your customer, giving a natural feeling of wearing them. It’s the feeling that the customers get when celebrities wear those products.

But, it’s expensive to hire a professional model and showcase the products through them. Instead, the ghost mannequin editing service is cost-effective as it just needs photos with a mannequin or model.

Let’s explore the invisible ghost mannequin and its types through our in-depth research below.

Ghost Mannequin Services

What Is Ghost Mannequin Services?

Ghost Mannequin Services stands for post-production processing that removes the model and dummy from the product and gives a 3D hollow look.

Similar to most other image editing services, the primary purpose of ghost mannequin photoshop services is to bring the customer’s focus on products.
But, unlike others, the 3D Ghost Mannequin Services image editing removes the dummies or humans from the main photos.

Why Should You Take the Ghost Mannequin Editing Service?

The Ghost Mannequin Services offers the best viewing experience to the customers of a particular product. When you have a low budget, but showcasing the products is also essential, you should go for the Ghost mannequin photo editing services.
There Are numerous advantages of using the Ghost mannequin software for advertising the products.

The ghost mannequin optimizes an image in a certain way that delivers easy viewing and displaying on the website.

It provides a clear image to the customers to observe a product and decide whether to buy it or not!

Using the Ghost Mannequin service discards the need for hiring a model for showcasing the product. Like that, the service saves lots of your costs and time that you might need to spend behind a professional model.

The ghost mannequin makes the photos talk of the town through proper editing that helps to establish a brand.

Ghost Mannequin Service

What Are Different Types of Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services?

Take our ghost editing service if you want to get the expected 3D hollow appearance to your product photo. Usually, our ghost mannequin photo editing service is divided into the following sectors.

Neck Joint Service

Ghost mannequin service, alternatively known as the neck joint, presents a photo removing the neck joint from the cloth. Not just that, our expert editors create a realistic and hollow look to your products as a professional photographer.

Bottom Joint Service

Bottom joint service allows the back to appear, removing the mannequin from the picture. Our professionals remove mannequins and assemble different parts of the products that your photographer captures.

Sleeve Joint Service

Sleeve joint service allows removing the dummy from the products with sleeves, like jackets, t-shirts, half sleeve shirts, etc. After removing the dummy from the sleeved-wearing, you’ll feel like the dummy wasn’t there before.

3D/360 Packshot Ghost Effect Service

Finally, we utilize our ghost effect service to create your product’s 3D/ 360 -degree effect. But, it needs the photographs of your product from different angles; for quality work, you must hire a professional photographer and shoot photos of your products from a different angle.

The Sum Up!

Ghost mannequin retouching offers quality service with a competitive price and faster delivery. The service mainly works for removing the dummy and human photos from the products. Besides these, the expert editors also make the images wrinkle-proof.

Therefore, you must go for the ghost mannequin services to get an outstanding performance from your photos.

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